Community Testimonials.

Joseph Anthony King Software Developer Whole Foods Market Inc.
Former: Claims Adjuster

I always had an interest in computers and was extremely dissatisfied with my job as a workers’ compensation claims adjuster. I say job because that is exactly what it was, it wasn’t a career and it did not leave me feeling fulfilled.

In 2012 I finally decided to make the change and I enrolled in the UCLA Extension Program while I continued working full time. Following my graduation in 2014 I had a good foundation but I was not ready to work in the field and I feared losing the skills I had gained. Getting involved with other aspiring and experienced developers gave me the motivation and skills I needed.

Of all the groups I joined the one I found most helpful was the one run by Kobi, he really kept the group organized and brought in experienced developers to speak to us and to expose us to new technologies.

I’ve now had the experience of coding as a hobby and as a profession and the two are worlds apart. Working in a group setting kept me accountable and gave me the skills and confidence I needed to finally land a job as Junior Developer with Vision Internet in 2015, and later as a Software Developer at Whole Foods Corporate Headquarters. There are many paths into this profession but what all successful paths have in common is working in a group setting that will help you transition from a hobby to a profession.

I can say the mentoring and group dynamics of the will definitely help new developers break into this field which I find fulfilling and rewarding. Good luck and stay committed, which ever path you choose.

by Joseph King - Software Developer - Whole Foods Market Inc.
Kalisa Falzone Software Engineer Versus Systems
Formerly: Project Management & Salesforce Admin

I am super grateful I met Kobi when I did. I was working doing project management and Salesforce Admin and was interested in transitioning to web development. I wasn't very sure where to start. I met Kobi through Meetups and ended up working with him and a group of others on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. For a few months we learned Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, databases, DevOps and lots of essential fundamental knowledge for those of us interested in becoming software engineers.

Kobi is a very thoughtful teacher, and never one to judge, and one of the most encouraging people I know. He takes care to make sure that you understand and feel accomplished with what you are learning. After a few months of learning with Kobi, it was clear that web development was definitely for me. From there I ultimately decided to go to a full time bootcamp to accelerate my career transition. Everything worked out well and currently I am a developer working on a React Native mobile app and a React web app, for Versus Systems. I am so grateful to have good mentors and friends like Kobi, who really helped me along the way.

by Kalisa Falzone - Software Engineer - Versus Systems
Kang-Kyu Lee Software Engineer Fullscreen Media, Inc.
Former: Medical Biller

I was fortunate to join Kobi's group 3 years ago. The group met every week, and he and the other community members encouraged me to learn and keep on going. At that point in time, I really needed encouragement. I had no background in web development, and I decided to start a career change to become a ‎Software Engineer.

Like other people determined to make a career change, I tried an online bootcamp, but honestly I don't think I could recommend that experience. However, Kobi's group was vital to me for to stick to my goals, not giving up on learning, and ultimately in finding a job.

I am now a full-time Software Engineer at Fullscreen Media. I found a software engineering position at Fullscreen over a year ago, and so far I am really happy about career change. What I gained from my experience in Kobi's group, was the environment I needed, and I am most fortunate to have found the support, and made friends with Kobi and everyone in the community.

If I could give advice to others, I would tell them to simply stick to it, and put yourself out there. That's what worked for me in my career change. To make the transition, you need a community of friend to go through the process.

by Kang-Kyu Lee - Software Engineer - Fullscreen Media, Inc.

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